The average website conversion rate is almost 2 percent. So the ratio is in every 100 visitors, you can only expect to convert is 2 percent customers. Honestly speaking, if we ask us about this rate, then we would say it is a good conversion rate. 

On multiple sites, we have noticed the conversion rate is just 0.1 to 0.2 percent. It means they grab 1 customer after 1000 visitors visit the website. You must have a goal, a goal that needs to go after is an action other than only reading: sign-up, buy, clicking something, and then ordering something.

So the question is how you can improve your conversions rate so that you can attend more customers with the traffic. So if you are willing to master conversion optimization and analytics, then keep in touch with us till the end of this writing post! We are going to share 4 magical tips to increase the conversion rate. Here you go!

Tips to increase conversion rate


  • Add a pop-up to your site:


As per the Sumo study report, the average figure of all various pop-ups is nearly 3.09 percent. However, if your way of implementation this pop-up is right then you can easily reach the leading 10 percent of pop-ups which is on average a 9.28 percent conversion rate. 

This small change is very effective for increasing your conversion rate. It works seamlessly on every single website that you want to boost. Here are the following some vital tips to get the top conversion rare through the pop-up method-

  • Try various offers (different products, PDFs, free stuff, premium content, etc) until you find a way to get one.
  • But a 30-second delay timer is productive on pop-ups because it keeps them from being annoying.
  • Always make the process easy to close the pop-up.
  • You can also set a cookie so that your pop-up will arrive once for every user. A maximum number of pop-up tools permits you to do this.


  • Do A/B Testing:


If you go for real estate it is all about location and in conversion strategy, it is all about testing. Research work and analysis is the one and only best way to lessen the risk factor in decision making at the time you are permitting your creative teams space for innovation and discovering new scopes. 

Your objective needs to carry at least one, and preferably numerous A/B tests working at any provided time on your site. You will never find such things as ‘perfect’ while it arrives for marketing, your products, website, design, and the only way to understand what will work and what will not. 


  • Develop a Clear and Compelling Price Proposition:


There are multiple tips to increase the conversion rate, but your conversion rate’s potential is only could be determined by its price proposition, which makes it the most vital conversion factor. A huge number of marketers always try to do better conversion results by transforming or alternating page elements like button shapes, images, font colors, incentives, and more. It is mainly happening at the first step when you must be focusing on empowering their price prepositions. 

If your product page or home page says, “Welcome!” or only lists your products and company’s name, then you missed it out. There is a huge difference between the price proposition for your products and the company. 

What Develops a Good Price Proposition?

  • It should be distinguished from your competitors’ offering things and ideas.
  • You might suit a competitor on each dimension of price except one. You have to increase in a modern one element of price (a primary important factor for the purchaser).

Building a price proposition needs substantial reflection on the thing which seems different about your organization and your providing services and products. Having a robust price proposition is not at all sufficient; it needs to be communicated productively to attain optimal outcomes. You have to purify your price proposition until you could articulate it in a single, immediately trustworthy sentence. 

  1. Eliminate Unnecessary Form Fields:

Do you ever have any intention of filling out an outline form, just discomforted by too multiple needed fields? One of the worst paths to lose your conversion rate, so you just need to eliminate your unnecessary form fields, leaving only those that are crucial to fulfilling your goal. In our back days, we all so far have A/B testing on various form fields within our signup form. In every single field that, we eliminated, signups developed by about 10%. It is obvious that you can carry forward this thing too far. 

If the sales team of your group does not achieve all the different lead information that they required to follow up, your signups which could be super high. However, your close rate will be going to become trash. Hence, search for the correct balance between getting the major lead information when keeping the fields to a minimum. 


Description: The average website conversion rate is almost 2 percent. So if you are willing to master conversion optimization and analytics, here are 4 magical tips to increase the conversion rate.           

Vinay Kumar

He is tech-savvy and loves to learn about new trends in industry. A voracious reader who loves to share his thoughts and ideas.

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