There was a time, I repeat was, when app stores requirements were low as the expectations of the users were not so high. But now, as mobile users have tremendously increased, their expectations have too.

The mobile app ecosystem is now a very challenging environment that wants to deploy an app on it. When an app is deployed to any of the app stores, they are already so many similar apps that are on the platform already.


Why Mobile App Marketing Services and Strategies Are Essential?

app marketing services

Investing your time, efforts and budget in mobile app marketing strategies are essential as they foster direct contact with the customers through mobile devices.

You can easily make users across the world aware of the products, services, information, updates at a faster pace as 90% of the users are always on the web.


How to dive into it to give a competitive edge to the existing big brands?

It doesn’t matter whether it is a Startup or a big brand. But yes, for a Startup- you have to be cautious as big brands have numerous resources to promote their app.

Startups cannot spend all of their budget on marketing, so it’s better to plan, implement and execute step by step. If your keywords are will be generic then the search engines will end up listing all the market leaders first.

The best thing for Startups is that you can use long-tail keywords as including them can make the search specific and targeted or can also hire an app marketing company.


Prerequisites For Mobile App Promotion Services

mobile app marketing services

There are some basic necessities that are needed to follow for mobile app marketing services.

  • Selection of budget

The major thing that Startups need to do first-hand is decided the budget that you want to invest in marketing. Start-ups cannot invest a lot amount in branding as they have less amount as compared to others. If being a Start-up you have a handsome amount of funding, then you can expect better.

  • App objectives and audience

Another thing that is assumed to be done perfectly is to stay clear about the objectives of the app and find out who your target audience. You can also find about the competitors, check their stats and lookout where they are lacking or how they are heading. It’s good to take a reference from a third-party.

  • Keyword research

To stay ahead of the competitors, it is necessary to research the right keywords. So, the crawler allows users to drive them to your app link. It is very helpful in the app promotion process. It becomes very helpful for your app if you know about your audience, the language they prefer, or the kind of content and services they will allure.

There are millions of apps that are already on either of the platforms. So, what are the best ways to promote your app and evoke users to download and use your app?

Here, I have scoured some effective mobile app strategies that can help Startups. Mobile app promotion services and techniques are of two kinds in nature



As the name suggests, techniques to be implemented before the app launch. It is done to create awareness about your app in the users. Here are some of the pre-launch strategies to keep in mind.

  • The launch dates

It will be good for you to finalize a launch date. If you will be crystal clear about the launch date, then you will be able to plan the strategies and efforts accordingly and in a better way.

  • Landing page

The landing page has many benefits like usage of information on your page to show up in conversion funnel and for SEO services to improve app’s ranking in the search engines. The landing page enables you to outreach more users and visit your app.

  • Outreach

This has been the best technique for years and is also ruling in the present. You can start writing PR and guest posts to make your app more visible. It gives you a sense of responsibility for your app as more people will be able to see it as you make more users know about your app and services.

  • Social media initiatives

Fast and better method to reach out to a large audience now. When the development is about to finish and you’re about to deploy the app, you can make the app profile on various social media platforms and promote them. users who will not be interested will also be able to watch out and who knows if they turn out to be your potential user.

  • Notification feature

It is a feature that must be implemented in your app. The feature never lets your audience forget you as push notifications will keep on appearing on the notification bar. If the notification will be catchy, the user will revisit your app again and again.


The post-launch services are that you will implement after the deployment of the app. They are categorized into two- organic and paid.


In simple words, the traffic that you gain without the involvement of money.

App store optimization

The notion is to make the app visible by making it ready and fit for search list results. It is done by making your user evoke to download the app in one go. Overall, app store optimization is done to make your app fit for the search results and the user should be curious about the app and services. this is followed by many iPhone app marketing services provider .


When your app will be more visible, more users are likely to install and use it. There are many platforms where you can post about your app like rate my startup.  Other than playstore, you can publish the app on outer stores like amazon or third party.


mobile app promotion services

More awards that your app gains will result in influencing more users and they will also like to give a try to your app.


As the name suggests, the post-launch services for which you pay. The app-install ads that drive users to install and use the app. It certainly urges users to use the app with app-install campaigns.


PPC technique is best to make people aware of your app and has a massive impact on mobile app promotion. You can promote your app on other applications as it turns out to be more beneficial.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a great strategy to establish your app brand. You can send the details, services about your app to many people with email campaigns making them more aware of your app.


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With the start of 2020, we have so many strategies that come in our minds whenever we think about mobile app advertising. The major thing to note down is to be calculative of the time, the competition level till when you will be launching the app. Here are some effective mobile app promotion strategies that every startup must consider.


app promotion services

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