If you are in a digital marketing agency or somehow connected to any digital media houses, then you must be aware of the saying “content is king”. Everyone says that as we all know how crawlers of search engine work.

There are many kinds of digital marketing techniques that you can opt for your business. Some of the techniques are affiliate marketing, PPC services, social media marketing and many more.

Influencer marketing blog is the most preferred marketing technique by small and medium-sized business owners as they gain a lot with it. People who are followed by a large user base on social media are called influencers as what they say or show will reach everyone who follows them. They do not charge much and it also varies on the number of followers they have and their experience in the domain.

Well, you don’t have to worry about as influencers as there are plenty to choose from, yet you have to be selective as the right audience you want your services to be informed about differs from person to person. Using influencer marketing strategy expands the visibility better than a sponsored social media advertisement.

This is not all, content in influencer marketing plays vast roles as it is just not about some photos and videos about your products and services to be posted on some well-known accounts.

While there are countless ways to work with influencers. One of the best collaboration methods is blogging as it includes content creation and marketing at its best.

So, What is the content actually?

Content is anything that is informative in nature, that keeps us entertained, guides us and more. It keeps you engaged, brings new customers to the site and grows the business altogether.

What is content creation?

Content creation is the process of creating ideas that appeal or satisfies the buyer’s persona. It is creating written or visual content around the ideas and delivering that information to your audience as a blog, video or any other suitable format.

What is content creation

It is the best inbound practice as you create content and provide it to the audience for free. It attracts potential customers to the website and retain existing customers through quality engagement.

Content in influencer marketing results in:

  • 3x more leads
  • 60% of online purchases are direct

How is content processed?

  • Content planning and strategy
  • The content creation process
  • Content creation tools
  • Creating a content plan
  • Analyzing your content

Here are the 5 best reasons why blog content is just as valuable as social posts in influencer marketing:

Content is Valuable in Influencer Marketing

1. Content research:

In influencer marketing, it is a must to research content as when you try to deliver the right content to the audience. They are likely to become potential leads. Researching of content includes keywords search, trending hashtags search and much more.

Try to connect with the audience and understand what they need and deliver them content that is prospective to its likable nature. The most effective results come into the marketing departments when you focus heavily on content research. The research allows you to know about your customers and their behavior and the content that can be shared with a particular audience.

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2. Drives SEO benefits

The truth is that SEO and content marketing overlap a lot and both are equally responsible for the growth of the organization. The right thing to say about both is that SEO makes demands while the content fulfills those demands. You need words, verbiage articles, substance, keywords-it all comes from SEO while you involve all the important ones in your content to highlight it more in the search results.

Influencer marketing is all about making the audience aware of your products and services over social media platforms. So, the audience whenever a search for a particular topic, the idea then your content should be on the top as the audience clicks on the first few links and ignores the other. Blog posts are indexable on search engines, so they play a very important role in increasing SEO benefits.

Drives Traffic to Website

3. Blog content has a longer lifespan

As the stats say, blog posts can last longer for two years while the Pinterest post is valid for 3-4 months, youtube lasts for 25+ days and a LinkedIn post for about 1 day and many more. So, as you can see, the odds remain in your favor if you chose to intact both content and influencer marketing altogether.

Blog influencer posts are the perfect way to let your existing and new customers go deeper into the brand. The old content is pushed out when the new content is uploaded. However, the influencer blog can be constantly viewed or shared.

4. Blog content measurable and trackable

When it comes to influencer content, it is very important to reach the right audience. This is one of the major reasons why influencers play a major role in marketing. You can easily measure and track the posts. You can track the number of visits and can also track the reach of your posts and how many saved it for later and more. You can also create UTM tracking links for a unique and customized search.

5. Drives traffic to your website

Well, everything that is implemented is done to generate traffic to your websites, as it may generate positive leads resulting in the overall growth of the business. there are so many influencers and we, ourselves follow them and click on the link they provide. We get additional discounts if done with their link.

So, how to be a blogger influencer is responsible for driving traffic to your site. Influencer marketing blog is great as it reaches the vast audience with great offers included urging them to click on the link and thus, it drives traffic to your website.


Content is king and will always rule the digital world ever. Be it in influencer marketing or any other digital marketing method. Content in influencer marketing is great as you get to showcase your products and services while getting ranked at the top with the content you have entangled it with.

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