The presence of users on social media is vast & social media presence is no longer an option for organizations of any size. Social media presence is a necessity for businesses. For medium and large-sized industries, setting and marketing the social media profiles isn’t difficult. The problem arises with the small enterprises or startups as they need to keep a check on both the money and the time.

With the presence of various social media platforms, it is quite challenging what platform to choose for the organization.

Well, 90% of people use Facebook as the top preferred social media platform. It is one of the best platforms in which businesses of any size can advertise your products and services. It is the second-largest social media platforms with 2.45+ billion active users per month.

After the right advertising campaign, the visibility of your products & services is increased by 80x. Advertising on Facebook is considered to be jumping in a pool of potential leads. You can reach out to a huge audience with the help of the various tools available in the Facebook ads manager.

Here are the 5 advanced Facebook advertising tips to improves your campaigns:

  1. Capitalize on event-based lookalike audiences

Looking for the right audience is one way to create a highly-targeted cold audience on the Facebook platform. You can create multiple types of lookalikes, one of the most effective is the event-based lookalike.

With the right tool like Facebook pixel and conversion tracking, you can record the actions that matter most to your business such as purchases or leads, and create website custom audiences to group the people into a new audience.

1.Capitalize on event-based lookalike audiences

Create your custom audience, open your audience dashboard, and choose lookalike audience from creating audience drop-down list.

You can also look out for Facebook advertising agency to get it done in the right manner.

  1. Refine new prospect targeting with lifetime value

Another valuable type of audience is one built from the lifetime value of your customers. It goes beyond the customer’s core data and utilizes their purchase value to create an even higher-quality lookalike.

To create the audience, first, create a customer file custom audience with lifetime value. You can use the custom audience as the source audience.

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  1. Improve campaign performance with the lowest cost bidding

Another way to improve your campaign performance is to change your auction bidding from the lowest cost with a cap. The lowest cost is enabled in your ad sets. Facebook gets the lowest cost per result possible. To do this, Facebook will automatically bid in the auction on your behalf for maximum efficiency.

When you set a bid cap with lowest-cost bidding, you can accomplish two different things depending on the cap value like control costs and Increase ad distribution.

  1. Increase Ad relevancy with placement asset tool

Facebook’s placement asset customization tool lets you tailor your ad creative to each of your placements. It improves the relevancy of your ads, helping boost their engagement rate and effectiveness. For enabling the feature, ensure edit placements are selected at the ad set level of your campaigns. Click on the select all placements that support the asset customization link under asset customization.

You can customize your creative for the following placements:

  • Facebook feeds
  • Instagram feeds
  • Instagram stories
  • Audience network native, banner and interstitial
  • Audience network reward videos

After choosing, the relevant placements, such as Facebook feeds and Instagram feed, move down to the ad level. You have two options for customizing your image creative.

One option is to crop a single ad image to fit the native format of each of your placements. To use the crop feature, click the crop icon in the bottom-right corner of your image.

The other way is to select a unique image you have created in the native image format for each of your ad placements.

  1. Use the test and learn tool to reveal your most effective campaigns

The test and learn tool help you determine which campaign delivers the most conversions at the lowest cost to your business. It utilizes Facebook’s conversion lift metric, meaning you aren’t bound to viewing results via attribution windows and can there measure the true impact of your campaigns.

To access the tool, open Ads Manager, and select test and learn from the measure & report column. You can choose either of the campaigns you want to compare.


Facebook is one of the social media platforms that have an immense user base. The chances of visibility of your business increase who you choose the right platform like Facebook. You can also hire a PPC advertising company to run your ad campaign directly.

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