You can’t deny it. When you submit your freelance project, the eagerness to receive payment for your hard work is daunting. Perhaps, apart from the new freelance task, on-time payment is something that keeps a freelancer motivated. It indeed works as a productivity and confidence booster for any freelancer.
Everybody says that times are changing, technology is advancing, but are you walking hand-in-hand with modern tools and techniques?
For both the businesses and the freelancers, an invoice brings transparency and builds relationships among the two parties. Gone were the days when invoicing or billings were carried out on MS word or notepad. Now is the time where everything has turned digital. An invoice is a necessary document for a freelancer and client to receive and make payment to keep track of every freelance task or client project. With the introduction of invoices, the procedure of billing has taken a backseat. There are numerous invoicing tools and software available for freelancers. Here we have compiled a list of the top 10 invoicing tools for freelancers.


FreshBooks is among the best invoice generator tool or software for freelancers. The tool helps you generate or create a professional-look invoice with complete details and authentication. It saves your time and effort and enables you to keep a record of all your projects and submissions to the respective client. With the help of FreshBooks, you can leave behind the worries of payment and easily concentrate on your next task. The tool has got you! The prominent features of FreshBooks are:

  • Payment methods – Credit Cards, Apple Pay, etc.
  • Time-saving, safe and secure
  • Customize your invoice
  • Add your logo
  • Personalize thank you email


Creating and sending invoices online has become a lot easier with HoneyBook invoicing for freelancers. The invoicing tool helps you create, generate, and format your invoice professionally. Over time, this invoicing software has become the top choice for many freelancers. It comes packed with amazing features that make your work extremely easy and hassle-free. Some of the features of HoneyBook software are:

  • Automated process
  • Provides seamless experience in booking clients
  • Secure payment methods (Credit/Debit cards and bank transfers)
  • Add custom language
  • Transparency via legally binding signatures

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Bonsai is yet amazing invoicing software for freelancers, which is majorly famous for its flexible invoicing procedures. With this invoicing tool, you know more have to chase your clients for projects or payments. The tool allows you to focus on your freelancing projects while keeping all your essential tasks aligned. Freelancers and clients prefer this tool above FreshBooks as it is a new tool comprising 40,000 users. Here are the features of Bonsai software:

  • Smart invoicing
  • Late fee reminder
  • Hassle-free and secure payment methods
  • Time-tracking


AND.CO is another unique invoicing tool with extravagant features for every freelancer. The invoicing software comes with a unique feature that helps you manage the entire freelance business for freelancers and respective clients. It is an ultimate invoicing tool for all users. It is also a great way to manage, analyze, and expand your business. Some of the best features of this invoicing tool are:

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  • Allows to connect bank accounts
  • Accessible payment mode (via Credit Cards, PayPal, etc.)
  • Workflow automation
  • Transactions encryption

QuickBooks Self-Employed

If you are looking for a professional invoice generator for your freelance projects and tasks, then QuickBooks Self-Employed tool is for you. The tool enables you to create and send professional-looking invoices. It also allows the user to set-up a payment reminder for the client. With the help of this tool, you will never have to lose any of your receipts. The software helps in organizing the payment receipts and keeps them safe for later use. The top benefits of QuickBooks Self-Employed are:

  • Track mileage instantly
  • User-friendly interface
  • Enhances transparency and efficiency

QuickBooks Self-Employed


Plutio is spectacular invoicing software designed especially for freelancers and clients to make their workflow smooth and efficient. Apart from creating and managing invoicing tasks, the software has different other features to offer to any small scale business. The tool helps create or schedule tasks for whatever needs to be done and keeps them organized so you can stay focused. The popular features of Plutio software are:

  • Available in 25 languages
  • Provides invitation and clients collaboration
  • Offers personalization
  • Magnificent dark-mode

Summing Up
You can quickly and conveniently take your freelance invoicing game to the top-notch level. Whatever type of your business or freelancing projects, the best invoicing tools have got you covered. From financial tracking to secure online payments and smooth functioning, these tools come with amazing features for clients and freelancers. Using such software is an excellent idea for freelancers to make their work easy and convenient with real-time tracking and reporting. Stay alert with standout features like late fee reminders, tax calculations, and recurring invoices. You can also carry out some personalization to make your invoices look more professional and enticing.

Richa Sharma

Richa Sharma is the one of the leading business women who has an experience of over 10 years in developing and delivering software solutions in the industry.

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