Education is something that is not just limited to educational institutions. There is an ample number of sources available for this purpose over the internet. Kids in this modern world prefer studying through educational applications rather than studying in schools.

These applications are more convenient for the kids as they can access them 24/7, not like some institutions which have fixed timing. Also, the topic of study can be selected by the students themselves.

This article contains a piece of information about some of the best free and paid educational applications for students. All the applications that are mentioned in this article below are very useful and beneficial for the student and help them with their studies accurately.

List of Best Educational Applications for Students and Kids

Here is a list of some best educational applications that can be used for the purpose of studies by the students. This list includes both free and paid educational applications and students can choose any of the applications according to their requirements.

Many large educational organizations hire mobile app development companiesfor developing their own applications. This is beneficial for both the students and the educational institutions.

  1. Google Classroom

The first application on our list we have Google Classroom, which is one of the best web-based educational applications available for free to all students. This application is developed by one of the most renowned companies in the world that is Google.

This is helpful for both teachers and students, all the studies can be carried out over the internet without any trouble. Google has taken care of all the requirements of the students in this application. Students can submit their assignments here and also they can give their tests very easily with the help of this application.

  1. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a platform that allows digital sharing of data like documents. This application is categorized as a virtual learning app for the students. ClassDojo allows the teachers to connect with the students and their families through video calls and messages.

The communication system of this particular application is amazing and also liked by all its users. All the services of ClassDojo can be accessed by the students and teachers without any charges. The application also has an inbuilt feature that allows students to translate up to 35 languages within the application itself. So students can easily translate the documents shared by their teachers in the preferred language.

  1. Khan Academy

Next up we have Khan Academy on our list, this application is always on the top priority list of many students and teachers. It allows the students to practise exercises of their subject matter, also many interactive videos are available to help the students with different types of topics related to their studies.

The study material for all subjects and classes are available on this single website, most of the content on this application is free of cost but some classes or videos are locked until the user pays the charges mentioned on them. Overall the Khan Academy is the one-stop solution for the needs of the students.

  1. YouTube Kids

We all are familiar with the platform YouTube, where we get videos on almost everything. The same platform has come up with a new idea or we can say application. This is an educational application specifically designed and developed for kids. The name of this application is YouTube Kids.

Currently the content available on this platform is only for the age group of 3 to 8, but the manufacturers are thinking of increasing the age limit up to 13 years. Videos related to both education and entertainment are available here for the kids. The interface of the application is designed in such a way that kids can interact with videos and can gain some knowledge for them. YouTube Kids can be used freely without paying any charges.

  1. Duolingo

Last but not least we have Duolingo on our list of best educational applications. This application is best for those who are interested in learning a new language. The process of learning a new language is not an easy task, it requires a lot of patience and dedication from the learner’s end.

Duolingo makes it easy for the students, the method used by this application is very interesting and students are able to connect with it. The application supports more than 35 languages, one can choose any of the languages from the list and start learning.learning. It is an affordable educational application for all those who want to learn a new language. Duolingo also comes with a feature of interactive storytelling, the languages are taught through this sometimes.

Final Words

Here we come to the end of this article, education is the most important thing in the whole world. We also have heard that a pen is more powerful than a sword. Intelligence always wins over strength.

The educational applications listed in this article above are very beneficial for the student, these applications can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Place and time do not limit the use of these applications. Not only the students, these applications are also beneficial for teachers as well.


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