E-tailers have a variety of marketing problems and tops on the list are holding PPC promotions that are competitive and high performing. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to eCommerce PPC, from handling keywords to drafting stellar ad copy. Hiring a PPC pro like Webrageous is always your sure-fire solution; if you’re still keen on going it alone, mind the following tips and you’ll have a substantial head start on your competitors.

Here are some PPC strategies which, if executed well, can surely boost your eCommerce website

1.  Acknowledge Your Customer

Give a nice box to your client, with a handwritten note. It has a coupon in it for a buy in the future. This may have a discount card in there that they can send to a friend, it’s going to be a great customer experience, so it’s going to send them a positive feeling for your eCommerce marketing company, so hopefully, get them back for you.

When you’re seeling on other platforms like Amazon or Flipkart, you’ll send those items with a care package, the voucher, and what’s not suggested is that they return to your branded website to make future transactions.

This will boost your productivity as well as raise sales and make your company run on your website, which is what you want. So take advantage of those packages of treatment.

2.  Master The Art of Optimization

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PPC is a game of words, price points, and optimization overall. When you’re targeting highly competitive keywords and placements, you’ll, of course, need to pay extra for those clicks. Unless you’re not on top of performance control with all of your promotions in effect, you’ll overpay massively and devalue your PPC efforts. Prices for PPC per click may continue to grow, although the revenues do not follow suit. Stop the worst-performing keywords and placements to clean up lost costs as soon as possible, and concentrate on higher-performing combinations.

3.  Regular Updation Of  Your Product Pages

Your product page is never to appear outdated. It operates through weekends and holidays. They want the ideal sales pitch every time anyone visits the product page, so put a bit of effort into that.

Good product photography is also very critical, making sure your product images are very simple, clean, and well designed. It can be very beneficial to add a promotional video, which not only improves the chances of sales but also adds interest.

The key benefits such as quick shipping, free shipping, cash on delivery, and other such choices should be emphasized.

Get ratings of your goods too. Studies have shown that the conversion rate rises by 400 percent with a review section on your web page. Make sure your page has a review section.

 4.  Keep A Record Of  Your Competitors

Holding tabs on your rivals ‘activities is just another smart way to keep your eCommerce PPC management at the cutting edge. Offer on the same keywords as your biggest rivals to keep your initial efforts from gaining momentum. Use any of the free competitive intelligent resources that offer access to their top-performing keyword tactics to get a glimpse at their campaigns. Research inspiration keywords, placements, imaginative and landing pages, and also spy on what might work on their side of the fence.

5.  Running PPC Ads on Social Media Platforms

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People are on Facebook all the time and if you’re targeting people on Facebook and targeting is so strong you will get right in front of someone who will be ideal for your product.

You may be able to use custom audiences, targeting life events, lookalike audiences, and other such techniques. Check out this post to get a better insight into targeting Facebook advertising.

6.  Google Shopping Ads

It’s famous people go to Google, they’re going to look for something like black shoes, they’re going to click on the shopping tab, all of these are advertisements, they’re going to click on the shopping tab, all of these are advertising. And if you want to be on the shopping page, make sure the Google shopping ads are going. So, invest in running advertisements for the drug.

Based on the test, refine your product ads. Using an e-commerce monitoring set-up to see the revenue generated from each purchase, you can see your ROI – per purchase, and on your product ads. Switch off the advertisements that aren’t going as well, the products that aren’t doing as well, and increasing the budget for those healthy products.

7.  Enhancement of Your Product Pages

Spend significant time designing the product pages. The SEO also helps to customize your web pages. Write a good title for this product. In the title tag, add the keywords that people search for online.

Check for the keywords important to your items, and also add them to your summary. Write down clear explanations of your items, special and appropriate. If you are not happy with SEO jobs, you can contact a professional and reliable company of eCommerce marketing services to get your job done.

8.  Active Targeting Campaigns

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A dynamic campaign feature is a new choice for the operation of multiple campaigns. With this, different promotions can be run on the same website. The dynamic ad organizes the website automatically into categories that are specific to your goods and eCommerce PPC services such as “sports shoes,” “phones” and “computers.” Select the appropriate category or groups for your Website.

But, if someone comes to your website and looks around and does nothing that night when they click at their feed unexpectedly on Facebook, they’ll see your brand’s ad. This way dynamically retargeting will put many more profits back into your company.

9.  Having a relevant shopping cart

There are primarily three types of shopping carts that you can try out if you’re not in those carts already. Shop, attract exchange, and big business. These three carts are really good for the SEO, the design, and even for paying quest.

It has everything you need to scale out your business. It also has a support team to support you when you need assistance. So make sure you try out one of those carts if you don’t have them already.

10.  Amend your product feed

Using the Google merchant center, you can customize your product feed. Google’s merchant center can be used to run shopping advertisements on Facebook.

Make sure you have clear details about your product title, definition, keywords, and those kinds of stuff so that when you run your ads, people search on Google Shopping. When someone is looking for your stuff you don’t want to be in the game because your stuff feeds are not very well configured.


The tips are given above for experienced PPC pros as well as those just starting in the pay-search environment. Contact an eCommerce marketing company  at any time to discuss your options for winning this room, to increase your efforts tenfold. PPC is a tough space to master but it’s a strategy you can’t afford to neglect with such big benefit and pay-off potential.

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