Google, over a period of time, keeps on changing the ranking rules and regulations. Earlier this year in January, the result of SERP i.e. the Search Engine Results Pages, would not be repeated if a web page result is showcased within a featured snippet, instead, the results may appear at the last of the second page.

The SEO community has raised questions over the same and looking ahead to the fact whether a snippet is a merit or a demerit. However, some featured snippets can help your webpage to elevate to the pinnacle of Google search without acquiring backlinks or updating the content. Want to know how? Before going deep down into this and know, how to optimize for Google snippets, let us understand the concept of featured snippets.

Featured snippets are a piece of information that appears at the top of Google’s search results. They give the answers to the search query by retrieving relevant content from the top-ranked pages.

Featured Image

Now, going further, let us know how to optimize for Google’s featured snippets.

Emphasize your SEO

If you want to get featured in Google rankings, a string SEO is a must. Therefore, it is essential to adhere to the best SEO practices to get your overall game moving at a swift pace.

Keywords research

Quality content isn’t the only component to help your website attain higher rankings. You should not put any lapse when it comes to conducting keywords research. It is particularly important for content that ranks for featured snippets. You can take any keyword research tool to your aid that is available online.

The aim should be to rank on the very first page of Google search.

Usually, the snippets are featured on the first page of Google SERP. Therefore, when you get featured on the first page of Google search, it allows you to be highlighted within a snippet. Therefore, your onus should be to increase your organic rankings.

Aim to Rank First Page of Google Search

Do revise the existing content.

Before you plan to optimize new content for featured snippets, it is suggested to revise the existing one. You can reply to queries while revising the old content, and it might get a higher ranking than the new one.

However, it might need a completely different approach to get featured. The approach here could be adding the targeted keyword in the opening paragraph that will be displayed boldly in the featured snippet.

Opt for the inverted pyramid style approach

The inverted pyramid style is also known as the inverted writing structure that is derived from journalism. This approach helps in understanding how the content should be created in a highly readable form.

opt for inverted pyramid style approach

The technique is considered as one of the legitimate ones for presenting your content and enhancing your chances of landing on a featured snippet with relative ease.

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Carefully organize queries

The snippets should be organized in such a manner that could generate the results you desire for. To achieve this, ensure that the content is generic and specific, with more specific queries to answer related and non-related questions. You can also use alluring words that can provoke users to click on the snippet.

An apt choice of words

In online marketing, words play a vital role in terms of sales. While researching for Google snippets, you must have witnessed that there are some specific words and themes that can be used to generate featured snippets.

In the same process, you could also find words that are less likely to rank in the snippets. Therefore, show your smartness and opt for words that are likely to rank higher in the snippets.

Use images

Your content should possess the power to attract users. To do this, apart from writing an astonishing grammar leveraged content, you can use images as well to optimize your content. Contents with images get more attraction as compared to the normal textual ones.

Answer to queries regularly

The main query which your content page is answering should be in the form of a heading or sub-heading. Also, the answer to the query should be loud, clear, and concise. Talking about the length of the answers, it should be around 50 to 55.

Try adding an FAQs page

A separate page exclusively for FAQs is a better idea. Doing this benefits the site owners who sell products and services to a great extent. The FAQs page your expertise to the potential customers and also addresses concerns of any customer at any given time. Pages like these yield in a snippet.

Time to wrap up: The tips mentioned above can help you boost your site’s traffic and take it to a whole new level. These tips will also increase featured snippets that will give your site a better reach and exposure. Therefore, to generate organic traffic, start implementing these tactics without killing any more time.

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