SEO is a vital aspect if you wish your website to attain higher rankings in search results. An SEO comprises several other things, and one of those things is the keyword. Apart from density, keywords are also one of the eminent factors in positioning a website in search engines.- This is because they define in which search queries a website will appear.

Importance of SEO for a website

Before going any further, let us discuss the importance of SEO for a website. Below are some of the reasons,

  • SEO boosts organic search web traffic
  • A good SEO leads to a better user experience
  • SEO results drives a large number of sales locally
  • SEO is quantifiable
  • SEO doesn’t require much constant engagement
  • Your SEO leads you to increased conversions
  • With SEO, ads look more appealing
  • Your website’s credibility increases with SEO

Business and website owners hire SEO services to get their website’s SEO game on track. These agencies help in boosting a website’s presence on search results. We have witnessed in the past to try the Position misspelled keywords or errata. But does this technique still works in the current algorithm? It remains to see.

importance of SEO

The very first algorithm in this context was quite simple. In this, the entire content including the exact phrase or word the user has entered could be seen. The sorted results are based on the frequency of occurrence. These algorithms were pretty easy to fool, and that is the reason why SEO professionals are abused by typing the keywords anywhere.

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The regular updates of algorithms are giving searchers the best user experience. In the pre-Google days, SEO used to be quite simple. The algorithms then weren’t advanced and were just a way of saying “give me all the documents that contain this exact phrase, and order them by how many times it appears.” The search engines then also used to give the meta keywords tag so one could tell them what keywords the page was compatible for.

The Black hat SEO techniques

The Black hat SEO techniques forced Google and other search engines to clarify the algorithms. Also, these techniques focused on introducing improvements like semantic SEO and LSI. These semantics allowed Google to read and understand their pages context by context to distinguish between the forceful and natural use of keywords.

Black hat seo

With this in mind, search engine algorithms could detect typographical errors, grammatical errors, and misspellings while entering a keyword. On May 29, 2018, Google Trends official Twitter account shared a tweet mentioning the most misspelled words in the US state,

Are These America’s Most Misspelled Words? Just in time for the finale of #spellingbee 2018, you will find the best searches by status. # Dataviz #maps

Here’s the Tweet,

For an SEO agency or an SEO professional, it was common for them to take advantage of these mistakes and rate content with the misspelled keywords. But now, almost every search engine is able to detect the misspelled search term or keyword. The search engines mentioned the rightly spelled word on the top of the search results as Results for the correct word. 

Search engines now possess a better understanding of words. Even in the Google Talk feature, wherein, you have to speak your search term, the search result will return with the correctly spelled results. And this is found in the “Showing result for” head, below the Google search bar.

Misspelling may hurt you

Almost every search engine is now correcting your misspelled search results, but you still have to be on the money. Nowadays, the script has flipped a bit on misspellings. If you want to search for a misspelling, you can click the link Google gives you. Otherwise, try to modify some parameters in the URL. Yes, the search engines are smart enough to scorn your mistakes.

Misspelling may hurt you

Time to wrap up: Google’s algorithm keeps changing and getting modified. The old SEO articles will state this showing up in Google differently, and I am pretty sure you can find out some SEO pros recommending it. However, nowadays, search engines are smart enough to recognize spelling mistakes, convert them into the right word, and show results accordingly.

There are some theories in the SEO community that misspelled keywords or search text is seen as a low-quality signal and can impair your site. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a check on spellings.

Akansha Pandey

She loves to write about what she has learned in all these years in the industry. She thinks that knowledge should be shared with everyone.

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