The world of the internet is evolving, and that’s an apparent and undeniable fact. Users are accessing the internet in different ways that no one had ever imagined a decade ago. The usage of electronic gadgets like tablets, laptops, watches, and mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular as a way for SEO services to locate your website. Thus, having a website that is optimized for gadgets such as mobile (i.e. mobile versions of sites) is exceptionally imperative for all businesses. Google has now also started rolling out its mobile-friendly algorithm update in 2015, which increases mobile search rankings for web pages that are mobile-friendly. Hiring a mobile SEO agency will help you bring more and more traffic to your business.
A mobile-friendly website is one that appropriately shows on mobile & hand-held devices like your iPhone, Android or Blackberry and your iPads & tablets. Besides, it is also called a responsive web design; these website designs are responsive to all devices or display and be it your cell phone or your 40″ LED screen. It makes for a streamlined knowledge when screening the website.

Why mobile SEO agency?

People or users these days invest more and more time on their mobile devices and tablets, but certain websites still aren’t intended to account for various screen sizes and load times. Mobile SEO agency takes a close look at site structure, site design, page speed, and more to make sure you’re not accidentally turning mobile visitors away.

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Need for Mobile SEO for your brand

Need for Mobile SEO for your brand

  • There has been a significant rise in the percentage of smartphone users, ranging between 20% and 56% approx.
  • According to tech experts, mobile SEO keywords are capable of bringing a considerable amount of user engagement to your website.
  • 40-50% of users shop via their mobiles.
  • Apart from this, some of the Google rules associate with the security functions of the mobile versions of websites.
  • Moreover, Google intends to integrate mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor.

Benefits of Mobile SEO in Businesses 

Behind every marketing strategy, there is an approach and understanding that plans will either see the development through to success or bring it on its knees. The common facts associated with Mobile SEO for any business are:

Benefits of Mobile SEO in Businesses 

  • SEO, when done right, is a long-term and fruitful investment
  • Mobile SEO service is an ever-lasting process and not a one-time event
  • Results may take around 2-3 months to start showing up
  • Professional execution in different business-related projects deliver better results than ever
  • Size is insignificant when it comes to the quality of initiatives

Before indulging in a mobile SEO company, beware of the quick results that attract often used by agencies. Do your comprehensive research on the customary mobile SEO trends as well as the service providers under your contemplation. There are several mobile SEO strategies that a business can adopt for overall brand awareness and brand recognition to make the most of the smartphone revolution. The magic concoction, however, remains the same when it comes to standing ahead of your counterparts on the search engines – a blend of most exceptional user experience, informative content, and search-friendly online establishment. Some other prominent benefits of mobile SEO are:

  1. Enhanced User Experience 

It is an undeniable fact of SEO services that most of the users are accessing the business websites from their mobile phones. Thus, creating readable content on your website will help you bring and retain users on your website.

  1. Improved user’s time on site 

In the digital world, marketers have less time to build a robust online presence for their brand. And while working on the mobile SEO, grabbing user attention becomes more challenging as your content can go unnoticed in a single swipe or tap.

  1. Increased website load speed 

Speed plays a crucial role in mobile SEO marketing; as previously mentioned, marketers have limited time. A mobile-friendly website loads quickly as the code is structured in a way that it is compatible with smartphones.

  1. Better user engagement 

Regardless of your position in the market, there is always someone that’s doing something unique. By taking cues from your competitors, mobile SEO strategies will help you in coming up with a perfect plan.

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