Flaunt of what you have?

Well, most of the people think this when they create a newsletter for your organization. The newsletter is an easy source to capture the audience, as just throw some pictures of the latest pictures with links and a click-bait title and it’s all done, right?

Well, this is not it. There are a lot of more things that can be settled for email newsletters. Many strategies and planning are necessary in order for a newsletter to become a success.

For most of the users, an overloaded email box is a pressure building. They don’t want such emails, yet they get them. so, it is very necessary to know that your customer doesn’t need any boring email newsletter that is just adding to the list of crowded atmospheres.

So, it is necessary to know that is your newsletter helping or hurting the business. The stats for the un-subscription rates is almost 51% as most of the stats don’t look good and more.

So, today we have scoured the internet for 13 best newsletter examples that can help you enhance your brand.

Here we go!

  • Robinhood snacks

This is the newsletter that can get you hooked on the newsletter. The content they deliver keeps me updated about all the financial news in a fluent manner that doesn’t bore me to death. Easy explanations and added flavor make the best of it.

  • Next draft

The best thing about this newsletter is that it runs by a human and not by any algorithm. The functioning of it works like 75 sites daily visiting and then delivering the refined content straight to your mailbox. The newsletter has a memorable branding that has an eye-catching power. It also has a strong, simple, easily-recognizable logo. This newsletter gives you the best options like a grey box for your CTA’s and such great functionalities.

  • Bark box

The organization is the voice of dogs in the world. The organizations send dog toys and treat them for a month. What do you need more? The newsletter shares the story about the themed toys and pictures of playing with dogs. The design of the Bark box is amusing as it involves vibrant colors, engaging graphics, images, and in-combination with unusual text fonts make them the first preference of users.

  • Below the fold

If you’re are subscribed to any newsletter then you must be aware that mostly they focus on the major headlines. Below the fold totally serves a different purpose. You have the display of the content like the original physical newspaper, so if you wish to flip to page two or more- you can easily do so.

  • InVision

This is used most as the prototyping application for UX designers. You give input to it and then it can be turned into something more tangible with the involvement of clickable designs while smartly managing workflows. The active users cross over 2 million all over the web.

  • Mail charts

Mail charts are one of the short and sweet nectar-like a newsletter that is known for its simplicity and brilliancy. They build trust, humanize their organization, and encourages engagement with the users by asking them to hit a reply to the newsletter. They promise to deliver a few emails per month, so as not to overflow the mail.

  • Caviar

Food delivery services like caviar know how to stay on top. This organization focuses on springtime US Daylight Savings. It is a fun, quirky newsletter content example that reminds people of the brand and encourages them to order some food. It involves a bright button that says “order now” that usually works as the clickbait.

  • Peloton

Are you aware that peloton streams live cycling classes via bike’s monitor? Peloton is an indoor exercise bike company. The format they use is short and simple. The only CTA they use is “Get the bike”. This is something very capturing and alluring. They use a concise and action-oriented copy of the content. They also did something great with the lifestyle photo that shows the product while in use.

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  • CB insights

CB Insights newsletter helps various corporations by delivering business intelligence. They are very much aware of the stiffness that is included in any other newsletter, so they try to keep the content real, casual, and worth reading for users. for instance, “I love you” is used to sign off and yes, it is quite funny.

CB insights

  • Skift table

This newsletter is all about the restaurant industry. They want their users to understand the news and ideas that shape today’s restaurant industry and keeps you updated about the same. It includes spaces of original articles and includes highlights or summarization of it.

  • Fizzle

This is the newsletter that is specially crafted for new entrepreneurs as it gives lots of advice, tips, and tricks that help you enhance your brands. The content over the fizzle cannot be found anywhere except on its website, blog, or podcasts. It also provides a guide that helps you at every step.

  • Buffer

This is known for its social media involvement. The weekly newsletter they deliver is short, easy-readable, enjoyable, and sweet. It involves full of social media news from various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and more along with the newest tools and trends.

  • Daily pitch

The daily pitch from pitchbook makes its user constantly informed about how tides are changing almost in every vector-like venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, IPO, private equity, and more. Stay updated and enjoyment remains constant with daily pitch.

Daily Pitch

Here, are some of the best tips that can help you make a better newsletter design:

  • Perfect subject line
  • Right sender name
  • Good email template
  • Branding emails
  • Keep in mind Web-safe fonts
  • Relevant Images
  • Short text
  • Easily scannable
  • Making emails accessible
  • Captivating CTA design
  • Test your email


Now, as you know all the best newsletter examples that can help you enhance your brand. I bet, now you’re thinking to create your own and subscribe to some of the above newsletter brands. There are plenty of newsletter templates that can be used to create your newsletter.

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