Search Engine Optimization writing is directed at grabbing the attention of search engines. It uses specific words or phrases that are targeted to realize a particular outcome. These are generally referred to as keywords or keyword phrases.

They are essential to websites as they draw people searching for specific items or content on the website. Websites in general need traffic to come and stay on the site and for people to buy products and click their ads. They have all the incentive to get search engines to direct people to their website. This is done utilizing writing content that’s optimized and search engine directed.

In light of the above, do you know that you can earn from SEO writing? This article will consider some realistic ways in which you can make money with SEO writing.
At first, you have to make yourself indispensable. Many marketers require the services of SEO writers. Posturing yourself as an authority is sure to change your tides.

1. Search for Freelance Websites and Sign Up

The first thing you should do is looking up those freelance sites and sign up. They can be of great value as they introduce you to the business. Many of them have a present audience of people looking for work. You can quote for work and get down to business. If such sites require you to create a profile, do so, and showcase yourself. In your bio, be sure to market yourself and your abilities.

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Some top freelance sites include:

These sites have a vast number of SEO writers. But that should not be a cause for worry. Just create a profile that shows your superior expertise that’s above all others.

2. Try SEO Marketing Agencies

Working with a digital marketing agency can also be part of your strategy. They typically dislike writing SEO articles even though they need them. When you’ve been chosen by a marketing agency to handle their SEO workload, you will benefit from continuous workloads. The hassle of looking for new clients and trying to build relationships with prospects is a thing that will be of the past.
All you have to do is just rake in your hours and get the jobs done in ample time. We think that this is one of the most lucrative options as marketing agencies are known to pay top dollar for SEO writing. Many of them outsource virtually of their writing work. It’s quite cheaper for them since it makes no financial sense to open a full-fledged SEO department with permanent staff.

So how do you go about searching for these marketing agencies?
● Shortlist all marketing agencies that are within your vicinity
● Send them an email explaining that you want to work as an SEO writer. Send a template if need be and send it traditionally. Avoid using email marketing platforms as they remove the personal element.
● If you don’t get any response, go ahead and make a call. Ask them if they got your email and make your request again to assist as an SEO writer.
● If there is a positive development, make sure you nurture the relationship. Root for a deal and even suggest a meeting to formalize things.

A word of caution, though, don’t agree to work for free first. Always put a price to your work even if it’s a low price at first. Remember that you are here to make money.

Demonstrate from the onset that you mean business.

3. Create Your Site

You got to make your presence felt on the World Wide Web even if it means claiming a little corner of the entire Internet. You need a website to make things easier for you. An excellent choice of URL is your name or something close to your name. Let it be direct and straightforward. Using your name allows you the needed flexibility since we assume that you won’t always be an SEO writer.

Create Your Site
Once your domain is set, get a hosting account and, after that, install WordPress. Once everything is up and running, make a good design, and post some content. Get some samples of your masterpieces and list your rates. Having samples is essential as:

● Potential clients prefer seeing live content when they visit a site. This should also be followed up by an email of the content, perhaps in pdf format.
● It lets prospects have a glimpse of how you write hence increasing your chances of getting hired.
● It’s a win-win for you as you benefit from actual leads while also building SEO for your site.

When it comes to the aspect of rates, determine how much you will charge people for SEO writing services. The following should be well elaborated:

● The price for bulk orders
● Turnaround time
● Price for extra designs
● Revision policy

You can consider putting a rate page. However, this is not imperative, as you can still do well without a rate page. The rates can be availed upon request, or you could have people contact you directly to discuss the rates.

After getting a client, you can also deliberate on the aspect of retainer fees. Contracts with your clients could include retainer fees for a specified number of months. This is, although not an imperative. It all depends on the type of client that you have.

Don’t forget to list your contact information so that your prospects can call you directly.

4. Consider Blog Monetization

There is a form of SEO writing that does not mainstream, and that is blog monetization. People create blogs with the sole purpose of monetizing them. However, this may not be as easy as it may sound. It takes much effort to make it a success. Blog monetization is usually a long-term strategy, and for it to work out in your favor, the following must be considered:

Consider Blog Monetization

Your Niche

As much as you would want to say you have a unique topic or blog, make sure that people are searching for it. That’s how you get the opportunity to monetize.

Get a Following and Nurture it

Social media is ever-growing and can be an excellent avenue for you to get a following, but don’t limit yourself to social media. Get to all channels that you can have an audience. Be regular in posting content, and readers will always flock to your site. We recommend posting at least once a week. Make it a goal and always meet it.

Indeed, monetizing your blog for SEO writing is an excellent way of earning some money.

5. Offline Clients

You can change focus and try looking for customers amongst local businesses. With them, you would be doing local SEO, which is quite more comfortable than the global one. Many local businesses may not even know the value of SEO or even how to do it. You can seize the opportunity and benefit from offering SEO services to the local business owners. Give them a monthly fee at which they will pay for your SEO writing services.

Offline Clients
Also, endeavor to reach other local businesses by either asking for referrals or attending networking events. Be sure to mention the positive aspects of SEO to them and highlight how it will change the tides in their respective businesses. Your target should also include small business owners and medium scale enterprises that are in the local vicinity.

6. Coach Others

If you think you have top SEO skills and feel that you can impart this knowledge to others, why not do it for money? Set up tutorials for SEO writing and let people pay for the tutorials. It might also build your credibility as most of the people you coach recommend you for SEO writing to anyone.


The above are realistic ways in which you can make money with SEO writing. Use them to your advantage and see yourself making money and even earning a living from this!


Richa Sharma

Richa Sharma is the one of the leading business women who has an experience of over 10 years in developing and delivering software solutions in the industry.

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