LinkedIn is a social network targeted at career professionals, with over 65 million users. It is a forum for promoting your home business, finding a job or freelancing work, and communicating with partners in the joint venture. It is your marketing tool to raise awareness for your brand, create your company as a leading think tank, engage your employees and prospects publish and distribute content, and drive leads of high quality. And because LinkedIn is the largest professional network with around 575 million professionals, LinkedIn makes an invaluable addition to the Digital Marketing Strategy.

Your LinkedIn Company page is more than just the “About us” page; it is typically one of the first pages that members of the LinkedIn visit to learn about your business. You should have a profile on LinkedIn if you have a home business that caters to other businesses (B2B) or has a company in which networking is essential for partners or clients. If you’re not there or have not maximized all of LinkedIn’s functionality, this guide may be of help. Like other types of internet marketing, LinkedIn’s marketing of a home business is a cheap way to gain publicity.

1. Make sure that you have updated your LinkedIn profile

Make sure that your LinkedIn Company Page is well-optimized and includes relevant and up-to-date LinkedIn advertising services, especially before running ad campaigns such as Sponsored Content involving a company page. Remember that Google rates LinkedIn pages in search engines and continues to rank high in search results so optimizing your Company Page is vital to your overall online marketing strategy for both organic and paid strategic growth.

Inside your Company Page, there are some parts you should always update and keep them up to date with relevant details to preserve the integrity of your Company Page.

2. Define your goals, and develop a map to achieve them

Before commencing your marketing activities, you can identify your own goals. Your priorities will influence your plan, and how you market yourself. These will also establish which KPIs and metrics to consider when measuring your results. Targets can be divided into four specific goals, name-brand recognition, lead generation, thought leadership, and event registration.

set your goals and develop a map to achieve them

  • If you aim to build brand recognition then you should always track such indicators such as the number of followers, the number of likes, comments, shares, and post clicks, as well as the rate of commission.

  • If your aim is lead generation, for example, then you can track metrics such as the number of inquiries and the number of leads. Also, ensure that tracking codes are included within the links in your posts to determine which LinkedIn Post / Ad created the particular lead.

  • If your ambition is to become a thought leader, then you should track thought leadership metrics such as the number of followers, the number of likes, comments, shares, and post-clicks, and the commission rate.

3. Build yourself up (organically)

You can’t build a long list of followers overnight unless you are opting for a sponsored advertising. If you’re just starting from LinkedIn and your LinkedIn Advertisement Company page doesn’t have a lot of followers or content, you should consider building up enough followers and posting engaging content to improve your reliability, so that people can trust your brand eventually when they visit your page after seeing your ads and finding engaging content and a decent number of interconnected links.

How to get your followers?

1. Make sure all your employees complete their profiles on LinkedIn and add your business to their profiles as employees follow their business page automatically.

2. Allow your employees to use their many connections to share your content. This will raise awareness of your brand and increase interaction with likes, tweets, and shares. Note that on average, workers have 10x the connections because their company has followers on LinkedIn and that when they share your content with their connections that will boost your brand’s exposure.

3. Follow and connect with other companies and influencers in your business, so you can use their scope to expand your following.

4. Post and share the rich media such as engaging images, videos, and Infographics that catch the attention of the audience. Adding rich media to your LinkedIn Supported Content will increase CTRs by as much as 38 percent, according to LinkedIn!

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4. Build your Industry with Targeted Ads.

With LinkedIn Targeted Advertising, you can use LinkedIn Advanced Targeting Features to reach the right people at the appropriate time. Targeting LinkedIn is unique because it offers you targeting choices that aren’t accessible on other social networking sites including Facebook.

The Demographic Targeting is extraordinary because you can target individuals identifying the name of the LinkedIn advertising agencies they are employed in, their job role, their level of seniority, the sector in which they operate, the size of the business, the degrees they have earned, the level of education, the groups they have entered and many more.

This targeting method is what makes LinkedIn Advertisements Cost higher than other platforms, but at the same time, the leads acquired via LinkedIn Ads are more eligible and valuable leads which make the
Conversion Rate higher.

1. Now available in the Campaign Manager, LinkedIn Dynamic Advertising is perfect for attracting new followers. LinkedIn Dynamic Ads are broken down into three formats: Followers Ad, Spotlight Ad, and Material Ad. The Dynamic Followers Ad helps you to increase page followers close to Facebook User Likes Ad, a new functionality not previously available to us.

2. Besides, LinkedIn Supported Content enables you to publish relevant content and reach a targeted professional audience beyond just your LinkedIn Company Page Followers. Via Supported Content Ads you can promote the company’s products to reach a niche audience, increase visitors, and generate sales leads.

5. Get better Content Management

1. Share useful and insightful content with your audience, including eBooks, SlideShares, Infographics, YouTube videos, blog posts, case studies, articles and reviews from third parties in the industry, Helpful user guides, Vivid visuals and Recurring, thematic posts (for example, # Monday Motivation and # Wednesday Wisdom). Remember also that company updates with links can have up to 45 percent higher followers’ engagement than updates with no links!

content management

2. Share Engaging visuals and make sure your Company Page is visually engaging by avoiding bland photos and stock. Seek to create your photographs from inside or use online resources such as Canva and Pixlr. For the organic posts and the Supported Content, the suggested dimensions are “1200×627” and always make sure that the text is light and the picture suits the message. Always, make sure your header picture is appealing visually, and seek to change it at least every 6 months.

3. To evaluate efficiency using Company Page Analytics. The Company Page Analytics offers tracking metrics including analytics for visitors, analytics for followers, and analytics for alerts. Visitor analytics show you the number of page visits (page views) and the number of unique visitors, traffic metrics (from mobile or desktop), and demographics of visitors (location, feature, seniority, industry, size of the business).


Adding LinkedIn to your marketing strategy will help you grow your network, find clients, and build a reputation for your business. Consider adding a LinkedIn badge to your website or blog, so visitors can easily find and connect to your profile.

Richa Sharma

Richa Sharma is the one of the leading business women who has an experience of over 10 years in developing and delivering software solutions in the industry.

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