Nowadays marketing is the most important part of any business growth as the success of the business depends on the marketing campaigns. If you effectively market your business, then no one can stop it from achieving the desired success.

But in the era of technologies, you can’t depend on traditional marketing tactics. Now the time comes to use digital marketing and enhance your business growth among a large number of audiences through a digital platform. This may be easy if you hire a web marketing agency as some of them are very best are known for their immense digital marketing services.

But did you know, the most important aspect of digital marketing is to measure its success or keep eyes on the growth of your marketing campaigns? Without tracking your digital marketing campaigns, most probably you are going to miss out on some important insights to maximize your efforts.

There is a huge number of metrics, you can use for tracking your marketing efforts and customer behavior. So, here in this blog, we are going to know about some important digital marketing metrics to keep eyes on your business growth.

Important Digital Marketing Metrics


There are seemingly countless digital marketing metrics to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing. The following are the most significant compilations to be taken into account.

1. Organic Traffic

Monitoring organic traffic is a thumbnail concept of evaluating digital marketing success. This corporate goal is to provide the best organic web traffic for inbound marketing. To check online advertising prices, thus.

Low organic traffic ensures that users can search for their website. This reduces the cost of drawing them to your web. The SEO approach is specifically related to organic traffic. So, test your SEO strategy and use good keywords.

2. Inbound Marketing ROI

An organization needs an investment return (ROI). A primary indicator of digital marketing is the measurement of this inbound ROI marketing. It helps you assess the success yearly and weekly.

Planning plans and spending for the next month or year becomes similarly relevant dependent on these ROIs. If you don’t want to keep wasting money then use these KPI results or increase your budget for your next company which costs your business money. An online marketing agency is likely to develop strategies for their clients that could increase the investment return.

3. Landing page Conversion


It is important to have a great landing page that fulfills your all needs. But are you sure that your landing page converts?

If you’re landing page is not able to generate leads than it is an indicator of poor digital marketing metrics. If it is not converting the traffic than the landing page is not serving your purpose. So, it is important to keep eyes on the conversion rate.

If your landing page has a low conversion rate even after getting huge traffic, then you need to modify your page. So, you can try these tactics for higher conversion rate:

  • A/B Testing
  • Engaging Written Content
  • Convey Value through CTA
  • Add Reviews and Achievements

4. Impressions

The most important marketing metric for branding campaigns is Impressions. The impression is something different from reach as it means total views on your content or advertisement.

Your content may be shown to the same user many times on social media or pay-per-click ads. The person’s experience is counted each time. In turn, this number is also greater than the reach since only once per consumer the reach variable is enabled.

5. Social Reach

The post you share on the social media platforms intended to reach a large number of audiences. Through this social media metric, you can measure the total number of reach of people towards you.

But the important point is that the total number of reaches is always greater than the total number of engagements. From statics, it is observed that only 2-5% of you reach convert into the engagement. Many digital marketing firms are solely working for the clients to improve the social media reach with their internet marketing services.

How to increase Social Reach

  • Engage with your Community
  • Post attractive and original content regularly
  • Engaging Social Media Profiles

6. Sales Revenue

Increasesalesrevenue- digital marketing services

Sales are the end target of every organization. Your selling income is a reliable means of calculation through inbound marketing strategies. Online marketing’s success.

Since no organization will invest or waste money on something that’s not capital production. If KPI is not satisfied with sales revenue companies should turn this capital into other business operations that will please KPIs for the growth of digital marketing. A basic formula can be used to calculate KPI sales revenue performance by inbound marketing:

Total sales = Total revenue from customers acquired through inbound marketing

7. Cost Per Lead

Cost-per-lead indicates the expenses of each potential client. Based on the basic expense, the success of digital ads can be calculated. Then support investments on ads and other tools to draw new ideas. The time, effort, and energy spent in the marketing campaigns can be calculated by summing them up. So the number of monthly leads is compared to the obtained results.

Analyze the kind of strategy that really works for you. And increase the budget and the time this initiative spends. Creating and distributing material for the price. Free (organic) traffic and new routes on the website.

8. Cost Per Acquisition

When you have to return customers then only the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is important. This is not just true of delivery services or also online commerce. Consider how the CPA calculates a private golf society realizing its participants are paying monthly dues.

Understanding a client’s lifetime worth lets you find the right price to buy a new one.

9. Page Authority

increasepageauthority- digital marketing company

Higher website authorities should support successful results in Google Search Engine tests of your web and landing pages. It is possible to monitor the digital marketing effectiveness and rank of your website through different SEO tools, including Moz and SEMrush.

For a short rundown of each page jurisdiction, you can use the browser extension Moz. In different ways, page authority can be strengthened by having internal ties. Make sure you have those inbound connections from certain sites if you have a blog series.

10. CTA Conversion

It is important to use a proper call to action on your website and web pages. Through proper CTA’s the possibility of conversion increases. This is the most important and digital marketing metrics to measure success.

This KPI website will once again be supported by Google Analytics. You can also monitor your CTA’s and the contents by using website events.


The above-discussed are some of the most important digital marketing metrics and without them; it is hard for you to measure the growth of your marketing campaigns and achieve desired results. These metrics enhance your marketing campaigns towards effectiveness, success, and better ROI.

So, if you are searching for the best digital marketing company that enhances your business growth through proper digital marketing metrics, then hire our experts and get the desired results for your marketing campaigns.

Akansha Pandey

She loves to write about what she has learned in all these years in the industry. She thinks that knowledge should be shared with everyone.


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