Are you looking for some new ways to make your social media graphics better? Well, if so then it’s not as tough as it seems! You can make your graphics much more interesting and appealing to attract the attention of your target audience by adding some strategies in your designing method.

Getting the attention of your user is more imperative than ever before in order to stay ahead in this stiff competition. While checking social media platforms you can observe that images get a lot more engagement than other posts in terms of likes and clicks. We live in a world where people spend more than 3-4 hours on social media platforms and thus to captivate their attention it is important to adopt new things in social media posts.

According to the latest reports, it is revealed that the post having an image gains more 150 % more attention than other posts. So it is quite clear that a good looking graphic grab the interest while a well-written content is something that helps to close the deal. In this blog, we will share some interesting ways with you that will help you in making the design of your social media graphics much better than before.

 Along with this, you will also learn the tips to boost your business presence, attract your target audience, and the ways to meet customer needs. Let’s have a look at the

5 ways to design engaging social media graphics:

1.Easy to read
Well as we know that the most enticing factor that engages the audience is legible content. Perhaps design is the principle code of and it should not be taken granted. Along with good design also make certain that your content is easily readable. Don’t make your design complex by using different fronts because it will ultimately distract readers.

According to the latest survey it is calculated that users spend approx 4 to 5 hours per day on the mobile device with an estimated 50% of that time in social media platforms. This means the content on your app must be readable on different phone sizes. Thus ensure your text is not only attractive but clear at the same time in your social media post.

2. Use real images of your business
To gain the trust of your audience adding images of your products or services attracts the audience most likely. People love to see the real things when it comes to buying products or services. Well, we know that it is somehow a time-consuming process but and this is not possible all the time. But if you post fewer quality images it is absolutely a commendable deal of your time.
To avoid errors simply grab your mobile phone and start snapping the best shots possible. Nowadays the camera of mobile devices is of high quality and you can use them while making graphics.

Real Images of your business

3. Color of graphics
When it comes to engaging design color is an admirable tool for creating stability and distinction. To make the design different from others in your social media posts trying to understand different hues and combine different parameters to attract users. You can add colors that stimulate energy and calmness among the audience.
So while creating graphics for your next post try to think about the emotions you want to evoke with your post and then apply colors accordingly. Once you finalize the colors you are ready to convey your business message to your audience through your graphic post.

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4.Understand the customer viewpoint
While making graphics for your social media channels keep in mind that using the right visuals is the key to mould your image graphics to the correct sizes. It is important to understand the needs of customers and the social media platform they use most is the important step.
Grabbing the attention of your target audience via your posts without wasting your precious time is crucial. The choice of people varies and you cannot assume that the needs of one person relate with others.

Understand the customer viewpoint
Understanding your target audience is the key step towards success. This step not only boosts your business sales but also helps to create good links with your audience. Spend a little more time exploring the things that grab your audience’s attention. Make your target audience realize that your services or products are worth their time.

5. Change the size of graphics according to Social Networks
It is a well-known fact that different people use different social channels and different demographics. So due to the changes in the demography and choices, it is not possible that the same graphic will achieve success on all social channels. You need to regulate your approach according to each platform.

Above all the things, one thing that you need to remember is that each social network has diverse requirements when it comes to image size. In addition to the size of the graphics, there are several other things that you need to put into consideration. Each social network has its own set of audience and guidelines so create the content and graphics of your next post according to the best practices for each platform. Image tags and cover photos determine the quality of the post on social media.
Image sizes for different platforms you need to consider:

  • Twitter: Profile photo: 400×400, Header photo: 1500×500.
  • Pinterest: Profile image: 165×165. Board display: 222×150
  • Google Plus: Profile image: 250×250. Cover image: 1080×608:
  • Instagram: Profile image: 110×110. Photo thumbnails: 161×161.
  • Tumblr: Profile image: 128×128. Image posts: 570×750.
  • Facebook: Profile image: 400×400, Cover photo: 828×315.
  • YouTube: Channel cover: 2560×1440. Video uploads: 1280×760.

Hopefully, the above mentioned 5 points on creating engaging social media graphics help you in a great way. In case you have some extra tips for making the graphic design more appealing then do share your thoughts with us in the comment section. All these tricks and tips are important when it comes to social media marketing because they attract the attention of the potential audience.
In short, these are the things that help you in enhancing the organic traffic towards your business site that will eventually boost the ROI of your business.

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