Did you know SEO and Content are in a long-term relationship that does a fantastic job of boosting any business success?

Yes. SEO and content are two integral components of any business, and a business’s ultimate growth and development rely majorly on these components. But like every other advantageous thing for businesses, SEO services come with a cost sometimes. No, here we are not talking about the monetary investments, but the Google penalties an entrepreneur bears when SEO gets wrong.

 The intent of this write-up is to aware of the benefits of SEO and content marketing in the growth, development, and profitability of any business. Apart from this, you will also get to know about the latest advancements and events in SEO services. To understand these notable changes, we will need to dive deep into the basics of SEO services.

SEO – An Introduction

Customer-Centric Approach in marketing is the core concept of any search engine optimization company. It calls for wide-spread search and research in fulfilling the ever-diversifying demands of the customers. Numerous tools, applications, and workforce are engaged in delivering a satisfying experience to the customer. Both off-line and online businesses attempt to cater to such methodologies.

In e-commerce also, various organizations endeavor to present a customer with multiple options and facilities to select.

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For this, the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or SEO services come handy in offering the prospective service user, who may not be the end-user, with online visibility of a website or a web page, made in a search. For this, the most prominent online service provider is Google, which continuously makes it a point to optimize the SEO experience of the searcher.

SEO and Content Marketing

For any SEO consultant, it is essential to understand the requirements of the business and work accordingly. Apart from scheduling, implementing, and managing businesses’ overall SEO services, he is also responsible for a brand’s content marketing services. An SEO consultant also covers a wide array of responsibilities like web marketing, web analytics, keyword and content strategy planning, link building, etc. These are typical requirements of a search engine optimization company while looking for a skilled SEO consultant.

Google has come up with the latest Algorithm in SEO, and a few update indicators are mentioned herein, specifically in the present outbreak of COVID19 pandemic:

1. Prioritize Mobile-Specific Approach
In this ever-changing world, the priorities in each segment of operations see a specific or broad-based shift from a particular position. With the advent of Smartphones, the Android and iOS formats became more popular than the static Desktop. There has been a sea change in the number of mobile users globally and the resultant enhancement in eCommerce apps usage.
Google understood this shift and has updated its SEO services with Mobile Specific Approach rather than Desktop Specific. It is now prioritizing its SEO more towards the mobile-first approach.

Prioritize Mobile-Specific Approach

2. SERP Optimization
Secondly, the SERP has also undergone a profound change in the domain of content marketing during the last at least 5 years. The SERPs are not more specific and elaborate than before. But there has been a revolution and a shift from text to Voice and Image Search and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Another shift made by Google in its SERPs, on an experimental basis, has been zero-result SERPs where only a single piece of information is displayed. It allows the user to avoid going through the entire lengthy article. In its place, essential data are collected from top sites and utilized.

3. PageRank Patent Updated
PageRank patent is used to rank various websites. Now, Google has updated its license, which will affect the ranking process of search engine Optimization Company.

PageRank Patent Updated

It will enable a particular link map to comprise the most authentic domains with the shortest path to get back to a specific website. The objective of this update is to have spam-free websites linked to each other.

4. Content Relevance a Priority

With this update, the search queries shall be lined up as per relevance to the user. The machine learning algorithm decides what to display in the SERPs, which are user-friendly. It is an integral part of content marketing. This update ensures that the focus will be more on creating useful content for the reader and improving the design. The priority now shall be quality and not quantity.

5. Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS
Google has made it clear that, henceforth, i.e., July 2020, the sites using HTTP would be non-secure, and it is uniquely specific to those websites that open using Chrome. It has been necessitated safety measures, which have been endorsed by Mozilla (Firefox). To prevent a drop in traffic, the specific service provider must run a full SEO audit of its website before going live with HTTPS to take care of all the basics for a search engine optimization company. To be market-specific, one needs to keep abreast of the latest algorithm updates to avoid glitches.

Wrapping Up
As with most of the things SEO services come with pros and cons attached, as far as marketing tactic goes. When you are successful in your efforts, it results in enhanced traffic and resultant sales. But with the ever-changing algorithm in huge numbers, annually, peaking your best becomes difficult. A search engine optimization company has to keep pace with the ever-changing scenario, drastically affecting your marketing goals and costs. Conversely, one can also term this peaking as counterproductive. The future belongs to the mobile-first tactic to be adopted, though it is not a present-threat or a challenge. The zero-result SERPs and the introduction of AI and voice search have made SERPs result-oriented in a more specific way. Lastly, there is a drastic and immediate need to update the content relevance for better rankings.


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