“Social media managers can expect 10% job growth through 2026.”
Social media managers play diverse strategic and analytical roles ranging from marketing specialist to customer service provider.
Keeping an eye over an organization’s social media marketing services and marketing campaigns are becoming important to understand the branding and marketing value that various platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram possess.
Social media managers are ‘In charge of being the brand on social media’ as they curate unique content, craft copies for various posts, respond accordingly to every comment, questions, and much more as the particular brand. They are considered as the brand advocates and are responsible for the upliftment of the brand of diverse social media careers & channels.
There is a caveat to the social media manager role as it is one of the relatively new fields in the context of communication and public relations.
Businesses are realizing how central, powerful, and impactful social media can be for increasing the brand value and how it adds to the growth of the career field.
The requirements to enter social media management includes:

  • Deep knowledge of social media channels and reporting tools.
  • Demonstrated success with running social media campaigns.
  • Creation of creative and unique ideas for campaigns.

Are you ready to take the next step and search for the best career paths?
When you are working in social media builds a broad range of transferable skills. Research, insights, creativity, and communication build a strong base for managers thinking of all your next big career move.
What’s next for social media managers?

Here are some social media marketing career paths to consider, and how to get there.

  • Community manager

If you feel a connection to the social world, the community manager is what you can go for. It broadens the scope of networking and can turn out to be the next step after a social media manager. As a community manager, you will focus on fostering relationships with the brand’s audience through additional channels like Forums, events, and newsletters.
Developers, tech-support, and brand advocates all have some common attributes that can be leveraged to build connections within a company. The communities can work, learn, and grow together- all while moving the brand to new heights.
You want to grow and nurture a community that contributes to long-term business impact.

  • Try multiple things by becoming Marketing generalist

Small and medium businesses are searching for someone who can meet a variety of marketing needs from email marketing to writing to social strategy. A marketing generalist lays out its hand in multiple sectors like the product, brand, and content marketing but also have an opportunity to manage projects.
To be successful in the role, you should have a strong base in writing, research, data analysis, and project management.

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Consider the role only if you are ready to explore multiple disciplines under the marketing domain.

  • Visually Creative Design Creator

If you have an eye for creating and understanding the visual content, then you can go to the creative department combining the social effects with artistic passion. The role involves more than creating photos and graphics. As a designer or art director, you’ll contribute to the development of the business’s visual language, tone, and creative elements. Designers are responsible for ensuring all creative outputs are aligned with motion graphics teams on multimedia projects. Consider the role if you have excellent communication skills and work well with several teams across social media marketing services. You can opt for becoming a creative designer if you have a zeal for combining creativity with social marketing to achieve business objectives.

  • Social media managers can look forward to Content marketing

social media marketer
Social media managers who believe and find themselves most happy in creating content can thrive to become a content marketer. It could be the perfect next step to take down your career path. Beyond the obvious writing skills needed, it is useful to have a working knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and familiarity with publishing platforms like WordPress.
You can opt for two different roles, one that strictly focuses on producing content and others who develop strategies more in line with your goals.
Consider the role if you love storytelling, narration, and want to explore the content creation outside the available social space.
If you think that you can connect analytics with creativity, then the profile is best for you. Make sure that you have strong research skills to complement the long-form writing ability.

  • Can become a good Market researcher

Identifying and understanding the right audience are elements of any successful social strategy. Social media managers those who boast experience of interacting with possible customers, community members, and other groups laying the firm groundwork in market research.
Market Researcher
Social media analysts leverage information to identify trends, make predictions, and better connect with audiences. Transferring skills learned from social media listening and analyzing campaign results make you a perfect market researcher.
You can consider the role if all the decisions you take are backed by the numbers and can spot and measure trends within the social media marketing specialist landscape.

  • Social media team leader

If you have been handling the social media for a while, odds are you’ve developed an idea of what it takes to make a social media team click. Or you could’ve probably learned some lessons about what doesn’t contribute to team motivation. Consider the role if you have looking to move into a role that is still closely involved in the social media landscape.
Business nowadays, devote more time, money, and other resources giving career opportunities a major boost for those who want to pursue a career in the new media form. Versatility being an important part of the career field, there are diverse roles that come with different expectations and responsibilities based on the company and size of the social media community.

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