With the revolution and transformation of modern advancements, small to large scale businesses leave no stone unturned to keep up with the latest marketing trends. Brick-and-mortar organizations are either changing their working models to an online one or grumbling up existing marketing tactics with digital marketing strategies – in an attempt to captivate a growing and very rewarding online marketplace.

A digital marketer helps entrepreneurs develop, implement, and manage marketing campaigns that encourage a brand and its products and services. A digital marketing manager also works on enhancing brand recognition within the digital space and driving website traffic and generating leads or bringing more customers. To increase the website traffic, digital marketers in the present scenario take the best advantage of guest post outreach.

It is considered to be one of the best marketing strategies for businesses. Marketers efficiently spread the brand’s objectives and goals to display their loyalty and gain audiences’ trust and confidence.

Targeting the audience with traditional marketing methods is not easy. Usually, your brand message goes to everyone in hopes of reaching the ultimate users of your business. It’s difficult to attain enough leads to validate your marketing costs. With digital marketing trends, you reach audiences who are interested in your brand or products and services. You can explicitly target consumers with an interest in your brand. It’s a level of profundity that traditional marketing can’t match.

Even if a brand receives tons of daily traffic to the website, it will not amount to anything unless it is capable of converting into potential sales. In the digital showground, where brands and e-commerce are heading, the modern tools and techniques offer top entrepreneurs the optimal chances for competition, survival, and even business expansion.

Digital Marketing Statistics 2020

Digital marketing trends will witness a dramatic rise in 2020. Thus, various businesses are majorly and dedicatedly, focusing on digital marketing managers to establish and enhance their brand identity among their users. The statistics of digital marketers say that the average ROI generated via digital marketing stands at 4400%. The transfer of emails by marketers accounts to 102.6 trillion. Statistics also suggest that more than 90 percent of businesses make the best use of marketing automation as a beneficial tool. Digital marketers are also following the practices of using your social network via social media to explore and nurture bonds with prospects to convert leads to attain sales goals.

  1. Email Marketing

To stand out from the crowdthousands of businesses use email marketing across the globe. There are a variety of reasons that best define the benefits of email marketing for every business owner. One of the most apparent advantages of email marketing is its cost-effectiveness as compared to conventional marketing channels. There is no print or postage pricing, and no fees are involved in the exposure of a certain commercial, magazine, or television channel.

Email marketers might believe investing in professional software to automate, track, and examine their emails. There may be a small slide for sharing thousands of emails at a time, but such a pricing criterion is far lower than what one could expect to pay using other marketing modules. Here are the reasons why email marketing plays a significant role in the growth and expansion of any business:

Email Marketing

  • Developing personalized content
  • Enhancing sales
  • Traffic generation and increasing leads
  • Transferring timely campaigns
  • Collecting customer feedback and surveys
  1. Online visibility – works fantastically for brands.

When a brand is visible to its target audience, it positively influences any brand among its prospects. Creating or developing an attractive website will not help any entrepreneur if the brand objective or goal isn’t reaching its audience effectively. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can only divert so many unique visitors. Ecommerce platforms usually offer SEO tools, but entrepreneurs still share a portion of responsibility when it comes to enhancing online visibility. Website traffic isn’t a direct association to bottom-line revenue, but an excellent and resourceful ecommerce website will result in turning visitors to potential buyers. There are plenty of reasons why online visibility is important:

Online visibility - works fantastically for brands.

  • It lets consumers find your brand
  • Unique visitors, or new daily users, are customers supporting your brand
  • Online visibility assists in building brand reputation, or how a business is professed in the marketplace
  • Brand reputation assists a website stand out from its counterparts
  1. Data Analytics – A brand’s lifeblood

Businesses are increasingly under competitive strain to attain customers and understand their audiences’ requirements to be able to optimize customer experience and establish venerable relationships. By sharing their data and enabling relaxed secrecy in its use, customers expect brands to know them, form relevant communications, and offer a flawless experience across all touchpoints. Thus, businesses need to detain and reunite multiple customer identifiers like cell phone, email, and address, to one single customer ID.

Customers, are gradually using multiple channels in interacting with businesses. Hence both conventional and digital data sources must be brought together to recognize customers’ behaviors. Also, consumers expect that brands need to transport contextually relevant, real-time experiences to their target audiences. Data analytics reduces the presumption from planning marketing campaigns, selecting content creation, developing products, and much more. The prominent benefits of data analyzing for a digital marketer are:

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  • Enhanced decision making
  • Offers useful business insights
  • Helps in recognizing and adjusting targeting criteria
  • Provides improved customer service
  • Streamlines operations
  • Quality and consistency
  • Authentic and splendid data
  1. User-engagement and brand reputation – pillars of business 

Customer engagement for any small to large scale business is a long-term investment in the present scenario. It is indeed time-consuming to establish those customer relationships. An entrepreneur might have a difficult time obtaining the ROI from your efforts. However, in the long run, the time and energy one puts into customer engagement will pay off. By increasing user-engagement, a digital marketer or business owner can hearten loyalty, and even increase conversion rates.

The right approach to customer relationships can result in an ever-lasting bond that continues to be cost-effective even years down the road. When a business has a habit and a history of enhanced user engagement, it is more likely to offer better customer service. It is a big deal. Efficient lead generation and strong customer-brand bonds—there’s plenty to expand from investing in user engagement. And as more organizations move online, it’ll only become essential as a way to stick out. Developing a community of engaged customers is no easy feat, but the consequent ROI is well worth the time and effort. Some of the reasons why user engagement is beneficial for any business are:

  • Brings more loyal customers and fans
  • Convey shared values
  • Drives impressive traffic
  • Convert more leads
  • Attract and retain consumer attention
  • Reduces sales cycles
  1. Content – Offer good reads to great readers.

Having quality content published across the appropriate marketing channels gets the brand in front of those looking for a solution to their problem related to their brand. If you persistently offer your audience an actionable content, they will turn to your brand when they require more than what they can do themselves. Eye-catching and appealing content works great in improving brand awareness and recognition for any entrepreneur. Providing content that offers advice, education, and ultimate solutions freely and without a sales pitch develops trust with your audiences and users.

Relationships built on confidence and are more likely to budge beyond free advice into a fruitful relationship for your brand. Reputation plays a significant part in raising and supporting brand affinity. It’s not enough to simply make or sell premium goods or services. You need to become a dependable voice in the industry – and one of the best ways to do that is by producing first-class content. The significant benefits of content creation for any business are:

  • Increases brand visibility
  • Creates and maintains lasting relationships with the target audience
  • Enhances brand awareness and brand loyalty
  • Builds authority and credibility
  • Improves lead generation
  • Social media sharing
  • Content marketing brings in more sales

Final Words

Digital marketing benefits businesses of all shapes and sizes by providing complete access to the varied audience at an affordable price. Unlike TV or print advertising, it enables truly personalized marketing techniques. Digital marketers also witness several difficulties in keeping pace with the prevailing market trends.

Digital marketing assists entrepreneurs in saving money and generate more leads. With traditional marketing tools, it’s tough for small-to-mid-size businesses to contend with larger competitors. Big businesses have the money to assign for TV ads, radio spots, and other mediums. It makes it challenging for small businesses that don’t focus much on such advertising methods in the initial period of brand building.

There is no obvious way to trail the origin of leads with traditional marketing techniques without asking every user that visits your brand. With digital marketing methods, you can precisely track the results of any particular campaign. Tracking the results help in campaign improvements.

You can observe what’s working for your brand and what isn’t. You’ll get insight into your branding or marketing techniques to bring out new ways to improve it. Narrowing the focal point assists, you reach users who are more interested in your business. It enables you to spend your budget more efficiently and acquire more valuable leads for your company.

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Richa Sharma is the one of the leading business women who has an experience of over 10 years in developing and delivering software solutions in the industry.

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